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At Sage Wealth Strategy, we strive to make planning for the future as straightforward as possible. We believe in the power of thinking outside the box and implementing alternative solutions to build a warehouse of wealth that spans generations. Using the expertise we’ve garnered through many years of hands-on experience, we give our clients the financial tools and abundance mindset necessary to live a satisfying and rich life.

Sage Wealth Strategy

Wade Borth


Meet Wade Borth, the long-term thinker and financial expert behind Sage Wealth Strategy. With over 30 years in the financial planning industry, Wade has helped countless clients use properly structured whole life insurance policies to achieve their goals and grow multi-generational wealth. Sage Wealth Strategy is built on a foundation of integrity, and the belief that we’re all filled with infinite knowledge—we just need to tap into it. It’s time to let go of the typical wealth-building strategies. If you’re ready to seek the truth and take control of your financial future, get in touch with Wade today.


Sage Wealth Strategy

Why Powered By Factum?


In 2023, my path converged with Factum Financial, a company that shares my unwavering commitment to empowering individuals through strategic financial planning.

What began as an advisor-client relationship soon blossomed into a powerful alliance built on a shared vision. Recognizing the potential to make a broader impact by pooling our strengths, our collaboration has evolved into a dynamic partnership.

Together, we synergize our wealth of experience and resources to redefine the landscape of financial advisory services. Our unified goal is clear: to assist more individuals in unlocking the doors to financial freedom and creating lasting legacies.

Sage Wealth Strategy

Why work with Sage Wealth Strategy?


Founded on the principles of transparency, trust, and integrity, Wade Borth and Sage Wealth Strategy strive to educate and empower people just like you to take control of their money. We recognize that making financial decisions can be confusing and stressful, especially when“experts” muddy the waters with advice meant for the masses. With limited savings and large amounts of debt, money continues to be the number one cause of anxiety in our country. But, as you may have already suspected, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Money, like water, has to flow. When money remains stagnant, it is subjected to things like taxes, fees, and inflation. Keeping your money in motion protects it from these common wealth destroyers and gives you the means to properly manage and grow your wealth. Sage Wealth Strategy teaches clients how to keep their money flowing by letting go of conditioned thinking and utilizing alternative solutions to typical wealth-building strategies.

Rather than selling our clients another financial product, we use our expertise to teach them a new process for understanding and managing their finances. By implementing these strategies, they can make informed decisions that ensure their money is continually working for them as they build a warehouse of wealth that will last for generations to come. The good news? You can too!

Take control of your financial future.

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