Mitch N. was no stranger to the infinite banking concept (IBC) before he began working with Sage Wealth Strategy. He was first introduced to the IBC through a podcast. Finding it intriguing, Mitch started to do some independent research. Eventually, he stumbled upon a website that helps people connect with an IBC practitioner by state and decided to check out his options.

For Thomas, getting over the fear of not being able to pay back the loan from his policy was one of the biggest roadblocks. His previous experience with traditional financial products and cash surrender value was that you had to pay back the loan before borrowing from it again later.

When Beth H. got in touch with Wade for the first time seven years ago, she had already started the process of taking control. “I had been researching life insurance policies that contain a paid-up additions policy and was directed to Wade” through Paradigm Life.

Mike H. first got in touch with Wade about eight years ago. As a self-employed electrician, Mike wanted to ensure he was making the best financial decisions possible. He remarks, “I’m an electrical contractor and operating cash changes is kind of like a roller coaster. It’s not a nice smooth wave, it’s up and down, and there are times when I need access to money. I wanted to be able to put my money somewhere I could get access to it without having to pay penalties and jump through hoops if I needed it.”

When Dan T. reached out to Wade for the first time, he was just 22 years old. “I [wanted] to put money away for when I was 75,” he remarks. “Wade and I talked about options and went through it all, and then he sent me a bunch of literature to read.”