Infinite Banking is a Process

Although Infinite Banking, also called privatized banking or “banking on yourself”, has gained attention recently, it isn’t a new concept. In short, Infinite Banking is the idea that an individual can and should participate in one’s own financing or banking function—one of the most important functions in life.

Nelson Nash, author of Becoming Your Own Banker, has repeatedly questioned why it isn’t more common for people to take control of their financing situations when they finance everything they do. Gaining control over this area of your life cannot be done with a product but rather with a process. When you fully understand and experience the process, you will find control of your finances and stop giving away the most important financial function in your family.

What It Takes to Implement Infinite Banking

I have been studying and implementing this process for the past 15 years. It isn’t always a walk in the park, and you must want to do it—you can’t just think about it or consider it and expect to experience the benefits. Over the years, I’ve come to identify a few key elements that make Infinite Banking work. Here’s what it takes:


Like most things of value, the Infinite Banking Concept will take time. It’s not another “get rich quick” scheme, it’s a process. As you begin to learn more about the IBC, you will find that is it as worth-while, life-long pursuit.

When I first started studying the Infinite Banking Concept, I was mad no one had shared it with me before. The truth is, people were trying to share it with me left and right–I just wasn’t listening. I blame myself for being captured by conditioned thinking.

As I look at how personalized banking works and what I’m trying to achieve, I see it benefiting me today, but it doesn’t stop there. Most importantly, I can see how it will benefit my eleven-year-old son, who has far more potential with this process than I do because of his young age. I’m able to teach him how to achieve true financial independence from a young age rather than waiting until he is 35 years old.

With that in mind, Infinite Banking becomes a process that spans generations. I teach this process to people my own age (meaning parents in their 40s and 50s) and see it as an opportunity to create independence that becomes intergenerational. My goal is for this to be the foundation of their future family banking process.


Your family bank is like a business. What does it take to get most businesses up and running? Money. Why do most businesses fail? They are undercapitalized, or they run out of money.

The great thing about a family financing system is it can be built over a lifetime from money currently being given to banks. Rather than continuing to give your hard-earned money to banks by paying hefty amounts of interest or fees, the Infinite Banking Concept lets you be your own banker.


With my degree in Mathematics, I can show you the math behind the first two parts of this equation – time and money, but the third part comes from within. For the Infinite Banking Concept to work, you need discipline.

You must be responsible enough to resist stealing from yourself. You must love yourself and your family more than you love Wells Fargo. Just as you would pay the bank back for a loan, you must pay yourself back, too.

Releasing yourself and your family from financial bondage doesn’t have to be, nor should it be, done alone. This is the biggest mountain you will ever climb and much like you wouldn’t trek up Mount Everest without a guide, you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks with your financial future. I will be the guide that helps you navigate the cliffs and pitfalls of your financial journey.

Learn how time, money, and purpose is paramount in securing your financial future.