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You wouldn’t climb Mount Everest without the proper guide, so why would you trust your financial future to just anyone?


and the descents. Navigating the financial terrain of life takes experience, so why trust your financial ​​security to just anyone?

Now What?

Creating and maintaining financial security takes planning , so why would you trust your
family's future to just anyone?

Everything you need to know about Sage Wealth Strategy

Picture of Wade Borth
Meet Wade Borth, the man behind Sage Wealth Strategy. With 30 years of experience offering insurance based financial planning to his clients, Wade has developed a keen eye for discerning how to help his clients achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals, by creating and maintaining a unique financial plan for each of those goals. He strives to develop a partnership with his clients that is built on a foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity.
Why work with Sage Wealth Strategy?
With over 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial planning industries, our team at Sage Wealth Strategy recognizes making financial decisions can be stressful, especially in a society driven by the yearning to keep up with the Jones’. With limited savings, it is no surprise many Americans have accumulated large amounts of debt, and money continues to be the number one cause of anxiety in our country. While this way of life has become the norm for many people, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Sage Wealth Strategy is built on the foundation of transparency, integrity, and an insatiable desire to help people live a more fulfilling life by teaching them to take total control of their finances and improve their financial outlook. Rather than trying to sell our clients another financial product, we teach them a new process for understanding and managing their finances, ultimately changing the way they view money.

We know the financial decisions made today can have an impact on families for generations to come. By implementing the strategies we teach and getting family members involved, our strategies for building wealth can live on through many generations. With the right approach, and the understanding that building wealth is a process, our clients are able to have a financial legacy to to be proud of.

With a range of services from planning for education expenses or retirement, to teaching our clients how to use insurance as a method for building wealth, Sage Wealth Strategy is driven by the desire to teach our clients how to make their money work for them.
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At Sage Wealth Strategy, we strive to make planning for the future as straightforward as possible. Together, we work to develop a tailor-made strategy that fits the needs of our clients. Using the expertise we’ve built through many years of hands on experience, we give our clients the financial tools necessary to live a satisfying, rich life that is free of the burden of financial hardship.


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Infinite Banking Concept

As a certified Infinite Banking Institute Practitioner, Sage Wealth Strategy is a trusted source to teach clients the value of using insurance to build their wealth. Understanding how money works, and the value of compound interest is vital to making sound financial decisions when it comes to paying for expenses such as cars, college, and retirement. By making your money work for you, Sage Wealth Strategy gives you the know how to make mountains out of molehills.
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Retirement Planning

With an understanding that the financial decisions made today can impact families for generations to come, Sage Wealth Strategy ensures the financial future of our clients by creating a strategy using the attention and the care it deserves. Our clients have peace of mind and can rest assured knowing their portfolio is maintained with a watchful eye. Whether saving for a child’s education or planning for retirement, Sage Wealth Strategy has the skill necessary to ensure our clients reach their financial goals.
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Pathway to Prosperity

At Sage Wealth Strategy, we’re helping you make the trek up Money Mountain to achieve the financial freedom you deserve. We’ll be your guide as we help you decide which trail works for you, and we’ll be sure to pack the essentials - our expertise and financial tools - to make conquering the mountain easy. Sure, there will be peaks and valleys - there always are! But with our help, the Path to Prosperity is just a step away.


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