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IBC Explained By Nature

Listen in as Wade talks about the Infinite Banking Concept and its comparisons to nature. Sometimes it’s all about how you explain things! Don’t miss this simple explanation and self-rewarding concept.


Thoughts On Taxes in 2021

Tax season is here! If we lose money in the market we may get that back, but if you pay TOO MUCH in taxes, you will NEVER get that back! Listen as Wade talks about taxes in 2021!

Financial Planning

College Planning with Ryan Keel, College Planning Specialist

Wade interviews certified college planning specialist Ryan Keel. Listen in as they talk through the ins and outs of college planning and the strategy of the approach!

Prepping vs. Planning

Planning vs. Preparing

Wade explores the differences in planning vs. preparing and why preparing is the first step in taking control over your financial future. This episode provides the perspective a lot of us need to hear more often. It’s time to think differently!


Changing Prospective

Listen in as Wade talks about prospective, the “new normal”, and the importance of thinking differently. The world and financial landscape is changing all the time, so why wouldn’t our thinking evolve too?

Ask the right questions

The Dangers of Conditioned Thinking

Listen in as Wade addresses the dangers of conditioned thinking and the importance of keeping an open mind, questioning those things we have been conditioned to believe, and working with those that are thinking outside of the conditioned financial box. With the right strategy, the possibilities are infinite.

Lake Side

5 Common Misconceptions About Retirement Planning

Listen in as Wade addresses the truth on the fact that retirement planning isn’t as cut and dry as an employer-sponsored 401(k). He walks you through the most common misconceptions about planning for retirement.

Ask the right questions

Ask the Right Questions

Listen in as Wade tackles the right questions you should be asking yourself to fully maximize the way your money works for you and your financial future.

Infinite Banking

What is the Infinite Banking Process? – Part Two

Wade addresses the Infinite Banking Concept. Although Infinite Banking, also called privatized banking or “banking on yourself” has gained attention recently, it isn’t a new concept. Don’t miss Part Two as Wade explains this simple and self-rewarding concept.

Infinite Banking

What is the Infinite Banking Process? – Part One

Wade addresses the Infinite Banking Concept. Although Infinite Banking, also called privatized banking or “banking on yourself” has gained attention recently, it isn’t a new concept. Don’t miss it as Wade explains this simple and self-rewarding concept.

Financial Planning

Where Do You Spend Your Capital?

Wade breaks down the meaning of capital and what value means to each of us. This perspective is important in defining immediate value and what matters to each of us in the long term. Listen in and think about what matters to you!

Prepping vs. Planning

Fear and Anxiety

Wade talks about the current issues in the world and breaks down the fear and anxiety that comes as a result. How do we handle it and what approach should we take to make it easier on ourselves? Wade addresses these questions and more!

Infinite Banking

3 Wealth Destroyers

Wade breaks down the three most important things you can do when it comes to building wealth and understanding how your money is working for you. Having an idea of the factors that negatively impact your savings and investments will help to limit the damage to your wealth, too. Three wealth destroyers to be aware of are taxes, inflation, and fees, and here’s how they can affect your wealth.

Plan Ahead

Washing the Tax Liability from 401k and IRA Accounts

Wade talks with David Babinski of True North Resources to discuss how to wash the tax liability from 401k and IRA accounts and make it a TAX-FREE bucket of money!


Who’s Threatening the Economy?

Wade breaks down the article “New Threat to the Economy” recently published in CNN Business; and who that threat is really pointing towards. Wade encourages us to TAKE CONTROL of our money and our financial futures.

Plan Ahead

The Bullhorn Message

Listen in as Wade explains and breaks down the purpose of the founding principles and “Bullhorn Message” behind Sage Wealth Strategy.

Sage Wealth Strategy

Money and Water

Wade describes how money (like water) is more powerful when it’s flowing rather than when it’s standing still and how money in motion will build and grow wealth.

Financial Planning

Common vs. Uncommon Income

Wade and Mike Brevik break down the reality that most people are in a different place financially than they might think and when faced with this reality, why listen to the generic advice that’s generated for the masses versus the advice that’s unique to your financial goals.

Financial Planning

What is a Wealth Strategist? with Mike Brevik

Wade sits down with his marketing director (Mike Brevik from Cyberdogz) to discuss and explain what a Wealth Strategist is compared to a traditional financial advisor.

Financial Planning

Wade Borth (Wealth Strategist) Podcast

Wade briefly describes the mindset and theme of the Wade Borth podcast to help set the stage for listeners on what they can expect from Wade and each episode he records.

Financial Planning

Welcome to Sage Wealth Strategy with Wade Borth

Wade Borth is dedicated to teaching how to establish the right strategy to create generational wealth. In this podcast, Wade shares the tools for understanding and the clarity of how to to do this for you and your family.