This past February, not only was I invited to speak at the 2019 Liberty Forum Conference held in Manchester, New Hampshire, but I had the honor of speaking on the same stage as many industry icons. Liberty Forum is hosted annually by the Free State Project and brings pro-liberty thinkers and activists from all over the world together in one place.

With the goal to provide a place for leaders who are working to expand liberties and keep liberty at the forefront of public consciousness to meet. The first conference was held in 2007 and hosted John Stossel, Ron Paul, and Michael Badnarik. Since the initial event, the conference has hosted dozens of internationally known speakers like Judge Andrew Napolitano, Naomi Wolf, and Edward Snowden.

To be invited to participate in the Financial Strategy Panel at this year’s conference was very exciting! The panel discussion entailed how to develop a strategic approach to money. As a big believer in taking control of your money in order to protect your financial future, I was able to provide my expertise on the Infinite Banking Concept.

While at the conference, I was also invited to participate in a live episode of the Liberty Forum podcast. Hosted by Vin Armani and Dave Butler, the live stream of the podcast featured speakers from the conference like Matt Phillips and Naomi Brockwell. While there I got to share even more about the Infinite Banking Concept such as what is, how it works, and why it is important.

The Infinite Banking Concept, is a process that allows users to cut out the middle man (privatized banking) to take control of their money. This process helps people not only plan for retirement but also to grow wealth that spans generations. Rather than relying on traditional banking institutions to finance purchases and paying them fees for those loans, the Infinite Banking Concept allows users to be their own financier, therefore taking control of the lending process.

There are three important elements that make this process work; Time, money, and discipline. First, practitioners of this concept need to understand growing wealth is not an overnight process. It is a process that requires a long term objective. Money is also needed for this process to work, as in any business, you need to build up cash. Finally, the hardest, yet most important part is staying disciplined, as described in my blog “We Should Love Our Family More Than We Love Wells Fargo”.

Look at it this way: The Infinite Banking Concept allows you the ability to access cash on your terms. It then requires the discipline to pay back that money with principle+interest back to the entity you OWN and CONTROL. Just as when you borrow money through a bank financed loan, payments need to be made to pay back the loan.

However, without the penalty that comes from defaulting on a loan, you need to stay disciplined. Without discipline, you can fall into the mindset of, “oh, I’ll just skip it this month because…” and from there you can fall off track completely. This is why I encourage people to get a financial guide because they can prevent you from straying off course and reaffirm you’re going down the right path. With the right guide, you’ll be able to make the most of the Infinite Banking Concept to not only retire in comfort, but also leave a legacy for future generations.

Interested in seeing the full interview? Watch the reply here, which starts at the 1:03 mark.

Learn how time, money, and purpose is paramount in securing your financial future.