Hi, I’m Wade Borth, the man behind Sage Wealth Strategy. I’m a Wealth Strategist, a Registered Financial Accountant (RFC) and a Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF). What do all these acronyms mean? Well, basically I am your go-to guy when it comes to building your wealth and planning for the future. I’ve always believed in helping people build their wealth through strategic planning but I’ve spent the last 30 years cultivating my skills to provide my clients with a healthy financial legacy. Here’s my story.

Originally from central North Dakota, I grew up on a farm where I gained first-hand experience of what it meant to create a plan and put in the work to achieve your goals. I began to understand the benefits of building up assets whether for emergencies or as a means of planning for the future. While my farm days are behind me, they played a large part in shaping my mindset for the future.

I went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Economics from Jamestown College. Now, I serve on the Alumni Board of directors. Fast forward to 2019 and I’ve now been working in the financial services industry for over 30 years! In that time, I’ve become a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, a qualified member of the Million Dollar Round Table, and served as a past president of my local NAIFA legal association.

About 15 years ago, I met Nelson Nash and was introduced to the Infinite Banking Concept. Since then, I’ve become an advocate for utilizing the privatized banking processes including using the cash values of my life insurance policies both in my personal and professional life. These strategies taught me that by putting in an effort to avoid losses rather than increasing a rate of return creates more opportunities to grow wealth.

I’m still living in North Dakota with my wife, Lynette, and our teenage son, Joshua. When I’m not helping my clients create financial strategies to grow their wealth, I’m spending time with my family and going on camping and fishing trips. Some of my favorite hobbies include coaching Joshua’s basketball and football teams, leading his Cub Scout troop, and officiating high school football games.

Sage Wealth Strategy was born out of the desire to teach people a new process for understanding and managing their finances. Having a deeper understanding of your finances changes the way you view your money. My passion lies in teaching people how to make their money work for them by maximizing their cash flow as they plan for retirement. It is my belief that with the proper education and right strategy, you can create a legacy that can be passed on for generations.

One of the steps to creating that legacy is learning how to take control of your financial future by employing the Principles of Prosperity. The prosperity process provides clarity where there is ambiguity and certainty where there is uncertainty. Most importantly, it provides the ability to weather financial hardships and teaches you to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves during those hard times.

The good news is learning to apply these principles to your wealth doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s where Sage Wealth Strategy comes in. As your guide, I will teach you the right strategies to confidently navigate the peaks and valleys of your financial future. With the proper mindset and financial tools, you can live a life free of financial hardship.

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Learn how time, money, and purpose is paramount in securing your financial future.